The Burden Of Emotions.

Life was falling apart. Everything hurt a little too much, every emotion became intolerable. She felt used and vulnerable. Every memory hit her hard. every feeling ripped her apart. She felt hollow and empty. She started to grow in it promising herself she would never feel anything ever again. Lost and lonely she felt heavy carrying all the burden of emotions that brought her down so she decided to let go of every feeling. Every encounter spoke louder to her than the others. Every time it left a deeper meaning that forced her to question her sanity. Emptiness, calm and drenched in sorrow of never fitting in is what started to embellish her. Life is easier emotionless, she told herself. She learnt to let go of the sadness, frustration and endless pain.. everything that haunted her in every moment of every day and night. Maybe all that was needed to stop the agony was to feel numb. All the emotions drove her insane, all the pain and sorrow was killing her from within. She felt angry with life, with herself. She lay in the dark for hours, tears rolling down, it felt like it was the end. Slowly, she let the pain grow in herself. She promised herself that she would burn down every thing that made her who she was. She buried her old self that night. She build walls around her thicker than ever. She was never going to let anyone in ever again. All she wanted was to stop feeling, to never cry again, to let go of expectations and build herself in a way where nothing could ever hurt her again because she knew she had no thoughts at all. Just an overwhelming desire to never feel again. .

Don’t Try_

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