The Ocean In Me!

I have in me, a tranquil pride
Of the life I hold in depths of me.
What lies beneath are like the shells you see.
Peaceful In my shoes, where I stand.
The ocean has its caves,
I am incapable of finding.
The young, the bright, the fair. For there is purity.
On the earth that has guilt and care, but peaceful is beneath the dark blue waves.
I find myself drowning in the ocean without feeling the need to swim.
For I find solace in it.
The waves of the ocean touches my feet making me think of the solitude, the solitude that I deeply crave.
Little white waves come running at me,
Splashing over my toes
As I stand still, away it comes and goes.
Swept away by life’s tide,
I struggle to return.
The ocean in me tells a story.
Listen close and you’ll hear it.

•☽ Ró ☾• #dark #blue #moody #ocean #aesthetic #whale #seashore #calmness

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