2 AM

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we are awake at  2 am in the morning? What is so special about this hour? The rush of endless thoughts, the tranquility, the sound of the breeze passing by the window giving us a sense of relief. The time of the night when you think of the unthinkable. We usually think of the things we would have done differently. What we don’t do is think of the wonderful opportunities that are yet to come our way. We think of love, friendship, hatred, past, future etc etc. The most beautiful feeling of this hour is the pleasure of solitude. Its the divine silence amidst all the chaos in our lives. Some nights are highly motivating while the others are full of regrets. Everyone has a 2 am and 2 pm personality. It’s about who you want to be at 2 am rather than the person you pretend to be at 2 pm. Face your demons. Challenge yourself to do better every single day. Think of all the good things you want in life. Silence is a powerful notion. It can awaken the inner you. The quietness, stillness, the most powerful hour of the night where you explore your mind. Explore the possibility of the life you want. A positive thought and you are ready for the world. So don’t limit yourself. Expand and explore the endless possibilities of life.



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