Spread Your Wings!

Our mind is an endless ocean of unpredictable thoughts. We come across various kinds of thoughts. Positive and negative thoughts to be more specific. Most of us fill our minds with negative thoughts because we are afraid of letting in the good. Why? It’s because we are afraid that it won’t last long. You know it’s not true when they say that negativity and bad things dominate the good part of our lives. The fact is that the fear of failure dominates the positivity in us. We go through bad things and start assuming that only bad things are bound to happen in our lives. But that’s not true. Every person comes in this world with equal shares of good and bad experiences. Everything we through is an experience, a lesson learnt. Be it laying under the sky and feeling the warmth of the sun or feeling burnt by it. Life is an experience with various categories under it. Physical, emotional, spatial, creative, desired, affection and much more. All I want to say is feel. Feel everything. Open yourself to various possibilities. Spread your wings. Don’t hesitate to fly high. The joy that you end up feeling is worth every ounce of energy you put into it. Don’t let fear overpower you. Tell yourself every single day that no matter what happens today, you are ready to conquer the world. That you are ready to learn and cherish everything you feel. Be it joy, be it pain. You are ready for the world to offer you whatever it has in store for you. Don’t ever give up. Rise and shine.



  1. This is very powerful!!! I love your quote also. I can feel your words through this post as I have doubted myself for soo many years. It all started with my childhood trauma. As I learn, I am trying to re-program my thoughts to not let fear win. I step out on faith and hope for the best. It gets really scary at times- as things do not always go as planned. However, I try to look at the big picture in most cases and keep my eyes on the prize (heaven on earth). Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful read ✨

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